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Mady Kaye

Inducted: 2024

Photo ©2022 Brenda Ladd

Mady Kaye, raised in a musical family in Poughkeepsie, NY, has been singing ever since she learned to walk. Her training is in classical piano, flute and voice, with teaching certification in the Kodaly Method. This background gives her a flexibility of style and technique of unusual dimensions. Ms. Kaye has been delighting Texas audiences since 1975 and is recognized for her jazz stylings, impeccable phrasing and improvised lyrics. She led the house band at the Hyatt Regency Austin in the 80’s, for a seven-year stint. Her 1999 one-woman Cabaret show, "A Tribute to Tin Pan Alley," was presented to sold-out houses at Austin's Zach Theater. This event led to several subsequent shows over the years, including “The Magic of Mercer” and “Those Fabulous Forties.” Ms. Kaye's third jazz album, "Songs for All Seasons," debuted Mady Kaye the lyricist and songwriter.

Mady isn't one to stay confined to the solo spotlight. She founded The Austin Carolers in 1994, an a cappella vocal quartet and Austin's only professional caroling group. She wrote vocal arrangements of the Christmas pop tunes, sang soprano and led the band for 25 years. For the last twenty plus years, Mady has also been performing with and leading The Beat Divas, a jazz vocal trio (with Dianne Donovan and Beth Ullman). The Beat Divas have also found a home at Central Market Cooking School. They present classes - now in their 20th year - and sing original food-themed songs. Their classes always sell out.

But perhaps Mady's most impactful role is that of a vocal teacher. For over 45 years, she has nurtured the talents of countless singers, from seasoned professionals to eager beginners. Her Austin Chronicle "Critic's Pick" for best professional voice instructor speaks volumes about her dedication and skill. Mady's passion for teaching is evident in the way she tailors her approach to each student, helping them unlock their unique vocal potential.

Mady Kaye is more than just a singer and teacher; she's a pillar of the Austin music scene. Her dedication to her craft, her infectious passion, and her unwavering support for fellow artists have earned her the respect and admiration of musicians and audiences alike. As she continues to grace stages and studios with her talent, Mady's legacy is sure to resonate for years to come.

“For those of you new to town or living under a rock for the last twenty years, Mady Kaye is Austin’s premier straight-up, can-do-it-all vocalist. Equally comfortable laying down cabaret tunes or jazz standards… she sails through Porter classics like Night and Day… and Just One of Those Things. Kaye’s live shows are especially buoyant when she’s tackling playful material like Porter’s. In her hands his high-minded bawdiness really comes across with its intended and sophisticated zing.” - Rita DeBellis, Calendars Editor, The Good Life.

"Kaye is a skillful interpreter of Tin Pan Alley's classics, and when she gives voice to these masterpieces of wit and romance, she communicates all the craft, all the feeling that has made these songs the standards… Kaye's polished technique makes every word clear, every clever phrase ring… her voice comes out like a taut thread of silk." - Robert Faires, Arts Editor, Austin Chronicle Review

"Sophistication and elegance are swooning under the spell of Kaye's cool, seductive jazz stylings… Kaye sounds like she was born to duet with Mel Torme… she sings jazz - lives each note, breathes every line, inhabits every song." - Raoul Hernandez, Austin Chronicle Music Editor.

“I can’t thank you enough for your help over the years. You have made me a much better vocalist and a much better songwriter. I would never have thought about writing for the instrument of the voice had you not taught me… how to choose words that roll off the tongue.” -James McMurtry, 2021

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