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Who We Are

The Austin Jazz Society is an Austin, Texas based non-profit formed in 2003. It was created at the bequest of artist William Kirchner. Mr. Kirchner shared his life with jazz pianist Marty Allen, and was as devoted to jazz music as he was to the creation of his art. Upon his death, the Austin Jazz Society was founded and much of Mr. Kirchner’s art was donated to it.

What We Do

The Austin Jazz Society (AJS) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit music and service organization formed to support all jazz genres and increase awareness, appreciation and participation in the community. AJS presents educational programs, assists jazz artists, and promotes performances. We also recognize and honor the legacy of those local individuals and organizations that have made a positive contribution to the jazz art form.

Meet the Board of Directors



Denny Malloy - President
Michael Mordecai - Vice President
Mike McIntosh - Secretary
John Grzinich - Treasurer

Directors / Committee Chairs

Keith Braithwaite - Hall of Fame
Charles Dennis
Andrew Dillon
Eric Dorris
John Grzinich - Finance
Kevin Hart - Events
James Johnson
Tom Leonard - Education
Denny Malloy
Mike McIntosh - Communications & Web
Lauren Mikol - Membership
Michael Mordecai




Phone: (512) 327-JAZZ (5299)

Address: P.O. Box 170141

Austin, TX 78717

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